Tax Information

Tax Filing

The City of Norton is a mandatory tax filing city with a local tax rate of 2%. Residents with rental income or wage income, the tax rate is 2% with a credit of up to 1.5% for taxes paid to other cities.

Starting at 18 years of age, it is mandatory that a tax return be filed, or a tax exemption submitted, even if there isn't any taxable income. Failure to do so may result in a late filing fee, and penalty and interest charged on late filings and overdue balances.

Central Collection Agency (CCA)

The City of Norton has contracted the CCA to collect city taxes. All forms required to fulfill your tax obligations are available at their website or you can contact them at 800-223-6317.

Other Tax Information

Lottery Winnings

Lottery Winnings are taxable for purposes of Municipal Income Tax and the Tax becomes due as the winnings are received. This applies to all winnings regardless where they were won.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are administered and billed by Summit County Auditors Office. Any questions you may have regarding your property tax bill should be addressed to the County Auditor 330-643-2500. Final returns are due and payable by April 18th.


Federal extensions of time to file the annual return will be honored provided that payment of at least 80% of the estimated tax, or payment of amount due the previous year, is made prior to April 18.


Are required to remit monthly or quarterly, the withholding of 2%, on the total gross wages paid to employees, whether or not the employer actually withheld the tax.

Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Are required to file a net profit return within 120 days after the close of their fiscal year.

Non-resident with Rental Property

Rental property located in the City of Norton, owner must file on the income earned from the rental property by April 15.