Public Utility Services

Telephone Service

To sign up for AT&T telephone you can click on link , or contact them at:
  • Residential Phone: 800-660-1000
  • Business Customers Phone: 800-727-2273 or 800-660-3000

Natural Gas Aggregation Program Information

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) was recently selected as the City of Norton’s Natural Gas Aggregation program manager and supplier.

Eligible residents and small businesses recently received enrollment letters detailing NOPEC’s natural gas aggregation program. If you received an enrollment letter and did not opt-out of the program, you will automatically be enrolled into NOPEC’s Standard Program Price option negotiated exclusively for NOPEC customers. For information about NOPEC’s Monthly Variable Rate option, call the Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201.

Natural gas supply through NOPEC is estimated to begin with customers’ November 2019 meter read and will continue until their January 2020 meter read date. Eligible residents and businesses will receive another similar enrollment mailing in early November. This mailing, which is required by the PUCO, will cover the contract period January 2020 through January 2022. No additional action is required by those who wish to remain in the NOPEC aggregation program. There will be no disruption of service during this switch. Customers will continue to receive only one bill and there is no penalty for leaving the aggregation.

For more information about NOPEC and the City of Norton’s natural gas aggregation program, see the press release posted on NOPEC’s website. Or you can call NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201. Representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions.