Office of the Mayor

Welcome to Norton

Dear Residents & Visitors,

Thank you for visiting the new City of Norton website – I appreciate your interest in our community! Norton has a long tradition of being a welcoming and friendly community, with opportunities for families and individuals of all ages to live, work, play and stay! We are proud of our community traditions, events, schools and the bond created by our outstanding residents.

The City of Norton has come a long way and we look forward to new opportunities to grow and become an even stronger community. The addition and continued improvements of vital infrastructure does not happen over-night, we appreciate your patience and support and encourage to reach out to city staff with any questions or concerns.

Please enjoy browsing on our new website and learn more about what Norton has to offer families, businesses and visitors. I am honored to be the Mayor of such a remarkable community!

Mike Zita
Mayor of Norton


Charter of the City of Norton, Section 2.06 Executive & Administrative Powers

The Mayor shall:
(a)    Be the chief executive officer of the Municipality. The Mayor shall supervise the administration of all the affairs of the Municipality and the conduct and administration of all departments and divisions thereof, except the Council, and as otherwise provided in this Charter.

(b)    Be the chief conservator of the peace within the Municipality and shall see that all laws, resolutions and ordinances are enforced therein, except as otherwise provided in this Charter.

(c)    Unless otherwise provided by ordinance, execute on behalf of the Municipality all authorized contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness, and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party, and shall, where required, attach thereto the official seal of the Mayor's office, which shall be the seal of the Municipality.

(d)     Keep the Council advised of the condition and needs of the Municipality and shall recommend to the Council such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient for the welfare of the Municipality.

(e)    Subject to the Civil Service provisions of this Charter, and except where this Charter provides that others shall perform such function, appoint and remove all directors of departments and all subordinate officers and employees in the departments.

(f)      Be the official and ceremonial head of the Municipality.

(g)    Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or required by Council.  (Amended November 8, 1994)