Street Maintenance

City Streets Maintenance Programs

The City of Norton has resurfacing and pavement maintenance programs for all City Streets. On an annual basis, the City surveys all City Streets to determine locations for pavement maintenance. These programs are designed to extend and prolong the useful life of the pavement.

During periods of construction or re-construction, short delays or inconveniences may occur. We request your understanding during these periods. Motorists are advised to use caution in and around all construction.

Street Light Malfunctions

Street light outages can be reported directly to Ohio Edison Company at 1-800-633-4766. In addition, you may report the street light outage at the First Energy Streetlight Outage Reporting website.

Manhole or Catch Basin Covers

The Public Service Department will replace or repair missing or damaged storm sewer manhole covers and catch basin grates. Contact the Administration Office during regular business hours.
In case of emergencies after regular hours, call the Police Department at 330-825-2491.
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Water Line Leaks

If you observe water bubbling up or a continual wet spot in the pavement, ditch or grass areas near the road, contact the City of Barberton Utilities Department 330-848-6720 or 330-848-6744 after hours.