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Zoning Application

  1. City of Norton Zoning Application

    If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Betsy Garland.
    Phone: 330-825-7815, ext. 310

  2. The Zoning Permit Fee is $40 for the following:

    Shed (200 sq ft); Fence; Pool; Sign; Set Back(s); Miscellaneous

  3. Instructions

    - All contractors working within the City of Norton must be registered. Please see the Zoning Department page for the link to the registration form.

    - Include a drawing of a "Situation Plan Area".

    - Allow up to five business days for Zoning Approval.

    - The Zoning Department will call or email you when the Permit is approved.

    - Upon approval, you will need to come into the Administration Building to pick up the permit and pay the fee. The cost will be $40 cash or check (made payable to the City of Norton). 

    - Once zoning application is approved, any subsequent building permitting is done through the City of Barberton Building Department and is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain proper permitting before construction begins. Barberton Building Department: (330) 848-6730

  4. Please make sure acreage is listed on application.
  5. Point of Contact for Application
  6. Please include a diagram of your project including all dimensions and all side, front and rear measurements from lot lines.
  7. City of Norton Registered Contractors
    City of Norton Registered Contractors must obtain all electrical, foundation, plumbing, and HVAC permits through the City of Barberton Building Department at 330-848-6724.
  8. I have read and understand I must comply with Zoning Ordinances.
  9. Zoning Application
    Internal Use Only
  10. Route
  11. Zoning Permit Fees
    Shed (200 square feet): $40
    Fence: $40
    Pool: $40
    Sign: $40
    Set Back(s): $40
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