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     The Department of Building and Zoning exists to enforce, implement and apply the duly established Building and Zoning codes of the City of Norton and State of Ohio to all construction activity
within the City of Norton. 

The Zoning  Department is located in the
City Administration Building at:

4060 Columbia Woods Drive
Norton, Ohio 44203 

As of May 1, 2015, the City of Norton and Barberton are pleased to announce they have combined their Building Departments.  The Cities are proud of their collaboration of working together in order to better serve the people and the businesses in our area.

For Building questions please call the Barberton Building Department at 330-848-6730. 

The Zoning Department will stay with the City of Norton.  Zoning questions may be answered by calling 330.825.7815 ext. 310

residential, commercial and industrial construction activity (whether new, addition to, or alteration of) must be presented to the Department of Building and Zoning for their review, collection of applicable fees and issuance of appropriate building and/or zoning permits.  

     All work must receive all required inspections as set forth in Section 1422.13 of the Building and Housing Code.  No person shall use or occupy, or permit the use or occupancy of, any building or premises, or both, or any part thereof, hereafter created, erected, changed, converted or wholly or partly altered or enlarged in its use or structure, until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued therefore by the Superintendent of Building and Zoning.

City of Norton Building and Zoning Applications and Instructions
are available to be printed directly from this website,
or you may stop in to our office and pick one up.


Residential Building Application
Commercial Building Application
Guide for New Home Builders (updated 2010)
BZA Appeal Application and Instructions
Rezoning Application
Application for Electric Wiring Permit
Application for Heating Permit

The following permits/applications are available by contacting the office at the above extensions numbers 
 Major and Minor Subdivision Application
Home Occupation Application
- Housing Rehabilitation Assistance - information


current as of 12/15/14

Zoning Code Explanations HERE


(Frequently Asked Questions)

     The following partial list of frequently asked permit information addresses only a small percentage of the building project requirements.  Additional help can be obtained at the office of Department of Building and Zoning, located at Norton City Hall, 4060 Columbia Woods Drive, (330) 825-7815 ext. #335, during normal business hours.  On-line information is also available from the "Codified Ordinances" of the city, Chapter 14 - Building and Housing Code, and Chapter 12 - Planning and Zoning Code (unavailable-currently under maintenance).


   The following items are briefly discussed below:

DECKS:  A permit is required prior to the construction of any deck. A site plan showing all dimensions to lot lines and other structures is needed along with a framing plan detailing all materials to be used. There is a specification guide available at the City Administration Building to help you with the basic design questions such as lumber size and spans, step and rail requirements, footer depths and much more information to get the job started in the right way.
The application must also include two sets of plans showing detailed construction specifications. Inspection is required on all postholes before cement is poured, as well as at the completion of the job.  The permit fee is $40.00 plus $.05 cents a square foot as set forth Section 1426.32.

FENCES:  A zoning permit is required before erecting any fence except temporary snow fences. Fence regulations can be found in Codified Ordinances, Section 1296.02. The situation plan on the rear of the application must show buildings, length of fence, height of fence, and fence location on the lot with regards to distances from property lines. Final inspections are required for all fences.  The permit fee is $40.00, as set forth in Section 1426.32 (d).

A building/zoning permit is required for structures over 200 square feet. Buildings are allowed in rear yards only. The sum of all detached accessory buildings cannot exceed the following square footages:

  • On lots less than 1 acre: 1008 sq.ft.

  • 1 acre but less than 2 acres: 1280 sq.ft.

  • 2 acres but less than 3 acres: 1728 sq.ft.

  • 3 acres but less than 5 acres: 2000 sq.ft.

  • For lots 5 acres and larger please contact the building and zoning department for allowances.

Two (2) sets of the following plans are required:

  • Elevation, framing, floor plan and cross section drawings detailing all materials to be used.

  • A site plan showing all structures, dimensions of structures and distances from property lines and street centerlines to all structures.

  • Site plans should show how roof water is disposed of if gutters are installed. The applicant shall agree to conditions of permit specified in Section 1426.13.

Accessory building placement requirements are:

1. Structure must be placed 6 feet from any other structure.

2. Structure must be placed at least 10 feet from the rear lot line.

3. Structures are allowed in rear yards only.

4. Maximum height shall not exceed 21 feet.

Structure must meet side yard requirements of applicable zoning district.
Additional regulations can be found in Codified Ordinances, Section 1296.03

The permit fee is $40.00 plus $.05 cents a square foot. Additional fees are required for electrical or other mechanical permits.


A zoning permit is required for all storage sheds and/or accessory buildings up to 200 square feet.
Structures are permitted in rear yards only. Please see above for accessory building maximum size allowances. Structures must meet side yard requirements of applicable zoning district.
The placement requirements for such buildings are the same as in the section above.
1. Construction type must be approved by the Superintendent of Building and Zoning.
2. The permit fee is $40.00.


SWIMMING POOLS:  Open, private, above-ground pools over fifteen feet in any dimension and/or exceeding thirty inches in depth, or in-ground swimming pools, shall be considered structures for the purpose of permits and shall be controlled by other City ordinances as may be applicable.

Every swimming pool over thirty inches deep and/or over fifteen feet in any dimension shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall not less than four feet in height. The fence or wall shall be constructed to not have openings, holes or gaps larger than three inches in any dimension. Doors and gates shall be equipped with suitable locking devices to prevent unauthorized intrusion. An accessory building may be used in or as part of such enclosure.
The permit fee is $40.00 as set forth in Section 1426.32 (d).

Pool wiring shall comply with all provisions of Article 680 of the National Electrical Code. Electrical permit fees are $40.00 and must be secured by a licensed electrical contractor.


HOME OCCUPATIONS: The City allows Home Occupations as conditionally permitted accessory uses in residential areas. There are 2 types of home occupation permits issued depending on size and type of business proposed.
Please contact the Building and Zoning office for more information before starting a home business.


GRASS/WEEDS: The City’s Ordinance 50-2007 amending Chapter 660, section 660.14-Noxious Weeds, regulates tall grass and weeds during the growing season. If a property has grass/weeds that exceed 8” in height or has gone to seed the City will post notice of such violation on the property and mow 5 days later if it has not been mowed by the owner or occupant. The property owner is responsible for the cost of City personnel and equipment used. These costs will be assessed to the property.


INOPERABLE/UNLICENSED VEHICLES: All vehicles that are not operable and/or are improperly licensed are prohibited and must be stored in an enclosed building or removed from the property. Covering a vehicle with a tarp is not considered ‘enclosing’.
If an inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicle remains on a property after violation notification from the City the vehicle may be towed and the cost assessed to the property.


BOATS, TRAILERS, MOTORHOMES, CAMPERS: Recreational equipment can be stored on residential property in an enclosed building/carport or in the side or rear yards only as stated in City Ordinance section 1296.07. Covering equipment with a tarp is not considered ‘enclosed’.


COMMERCIAL TRUCKS, TRAILERS, TRACTORS, ETC.: No commercial vehicles are permitted to be parked or stored on any street or lot in any residential area.