Law Department

Mr. Markey was appointed as Solicitor for the City of Norton on November 25, 2013, and is also a partner at the law firm of Roetzel & Andress LPA-Akron, Ohio.

The Barberton Prosecutors Office handles all prosecution on behalf of the City of Norton and is located at 576 West Park Avenue, Suite #301, Barberton, Ohio (330-848-6728)

The Solicitor is the legal advisor and attorney for the City and all elected City officials and also represents the City in matters of civil litigation or suits involving the City.

The Solicitor is responsible for preparing or reviewing all contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and other documents or instruments as required by the Mayor and City Council.

The Solicitor is the chief legal advisor and attorney for the City and for all elected City officials. Any City official may request from the Director of Law written legal opinions in matters relating to their official duties.