Winter Reminder

The City's snow plowing policy varies, depending on the amount of snow received. If the snow fall is light, salting is concentrated on all main streets first. If the snow fall is heavy, all streets are plowed eventually.

Plowing all streets requires, at minimum, approximately 24 hours after the snow stops. Residents are strongly urged not to park on the streets when a large snowfall is expected!  Parking on City Streets is prohibited after three inches of snow fall. Violators may be towed, per City Ordinance 452.13.
Image of car parked in snow, with a red circle with a slash through it

City Ordinance

The City would like to make residents aware of section 412.01 of the Norton City Ordinances.  This section of the code is entitled placing injurious material, obstruction in street. Subsection (a) of this section states "No person shall place any obstruction in or upon a street without proper authority.” This section of the code is specifically designed for the safety of the traveling public. When snow is shoveled, blown, or pushed back into the traveled portion of the street a motorist can lose control of their vehicle and could lead to property damage or serious injury.

Be Prepared

  • In order to reduce the amount of snow entering your driveway from snow plowing operations, it is recommended, that while cleaning your driveway apron, as much snow as possible be placed on the side of your driveway away from the direction of the snow plow (facing the street, on the right side of the driveway). In so doing, the potential for large quantities of snow being deposited into the drive apron is reduced.
  • All residents are requested to inspect their mailboxes in the fall of each year to insure that they are securely fastened and at the proper location. Access the standards required for placement of your roadside mailbox. The City is not responsible for mailbox damage resulting from snow throw-off.
  • Keep fire hydrants clean and free of snow build-up. This will assist the Fire Department in locating hydrants, if an emergency develops.
  • Keep driveway culverts and catch basins free of debris and ice build-up to prevent flooding during periods of thaw.
  • Keep children away from snow drifts and snow piles in the area of the street
  • Right of ways must be kept clear of all obstructions
  • If plowing operations are taking place on the day of your refuse collection, place your containers away from the street on the berm, or in your driveway apron. This will reduce the chance of plow and container damage.
  • Rocks, posts, and other obstructions in the street right-of-way (between the curb and sidewalk or between the street and ditch) can lead to a dangerous situation. Serious personal injury or property damage could result to residents as well as to the City employees and City equipment.
  • When winter is upon us, please make an effort to keep your sidewalks free of snow.
  • For safety reasons, children walking to school / school buses, as well as adults, need to be able to use the sidewalks.